Playing with the idea of D(iagnose) I. Y., the works displayed here explore the disjunction between how we perceive and how we externalize our inner selves. Our most private neuroses are identified when we confront our dark, interior psyche. We try to hide them from ourselves, and from others, by putting up protective layers, forming a kind of armor. But this armor, rather than disguising our unwanted dysfunctions, instead conspicuously announces them by its very presence, like a muzzle signals a dangerous animal. In so doing, a light is cast upon our anxieties, transforming them from secretive wounds into hard-fought trophies, claiming ownership by embracing them.


Through this lens of anxiety, these works embody the performative, contradictory, aspect of this armor - their composed artificial exteriors literally glossing over the disquiet at their core. The processes behind their production echo this transformation: original materials are manipulated, covering up yet leaving an imprint, which in turn becomes part of the work. Through the repetitive manipulations of xerography and digital compression, the source is gradually deteriorated, its information lost through each copy, becoming unrecognizable as it approaches literal erasure. Yet these copies simultaneously become individual pieces, each distinct from the original - reapropriations like the DIY creations of zine culture. Collectively, these pieces construct a shrine to that which has been lost, providing a pattern in the discovery and recovery of the inner meaning of the work as a whole, which culminates in their enclosure in protective sealant, lending a permanence to both the original pieces and the artifacts of their production.

Volume Issue was first exhibited in San Francisco at the Old U.S. Mint in the Spring of 2014.