Filtering my perceptions through various media and cultural influences, I recreate the world around me in an uncanny way. New Wave, Punk music, and Pop culture iconography serve as gateways to my inspiration. Film, television, and popular magazines guide my imagination into a pre-fabricated "ideal" of others' lives, an escape which imparts a imaginary and playful state to the work which I produce. This play within a familiar, yet slightly skewed, pop cultural realm is reflected in the exhibition “ICONOFAUXBIA”. As signaled by its title, the show pointedly explores pop culture within a pseudo-religious framework, recognizing how Pop culture imitates religion through its glorified iconography which is embraced by its dedicated fans. Taking on the role of evangelists, these true believers spread the good word of their new pop culture gospel, often to extremes, misconstruing its original intentions and implications in their fervent devotion. My work holds up a double-sided mirror to Pop culture, capturing both our new celebrity gods and ourselves, questioning the devotion and reverence we fan[atic]s give to them. Not above such idolatory myself, the show constitutes a personal journey through a mixture of Pop and cult films, music, and public figures of my youth and young adulthood, a blend of Pop and cult interests that reflect and impact my own construction of identity. The subject matter of this work comes in the form of a mash-up of re-fabricated familiar images. faux movie posters (“fauxsters”), faux albums (“fauxlbums”),  movie trailers and other propaganda become fake memorabilia that reflect the false truths of iconic material culture through constructed fantasies I hypothesize. These works are executed in an irreverent and deliberate punked style in order to crucify the originals and forge new representations. Through re-appropriating well-known and often cultish pop culture imagery and synthesizing it into a strangely new yet familiar form, the original subjects are resurrected in a new light.