Welcome Wall Graphic Concept for Connections Event  (2018)
  Facebook Miami Space Hack (2018)   Design concept for Facebook offices in Miami for a permanent photo moment installation.
  Uniqlo Window Display Template Concept -  for U.S. Uniqlo mall stores. [2014]  Conceptualized and designed window concept as a contractual experiential creative for ExtraExtra / PAPER. This concept was a template to replicate throughout smaller mall store windows throughout the U.S. Infinity mirrors of various colors of their palette to match their marketing slogan "Infinite Choices" and "Strength in Numbers" idealogy. Concept Only.
  Light Scaffolding / Stage Design Consult  | 29 Rooms  [2015]   Conceptualized the DJ stage light scaffolding idea for their main room rave setting’ working as a contractual art director at The Gathery. Inspired by natural industrial setting of the warehouse this rave section of the event was held. Concept Only
  Annie Movie Premiere Concept For Target [2014]   Conceptualized and designed a sweet shop to mirror Dylan's Candy from the movie for Target's footprint in the premiere party as a contractual an experiential designer.    See More...
  Longchamp  [2014]  Installation concept for promotional event for Longchamp.    See More...
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